Whether in sport or everyday life, certain preventative strategies and programmes can be implemented to reduce the risk of injuries occurring. 

All our Therapists share the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Whether you are a professional athlete, a keen recreational sports person, or an individual who just wishes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, understanding the risk factors which can affect you and cause subsequent injury is vital. 

We believe in offering a service where an individual can be assessed for preventative and early detection purposes, even if an injury has not occurred. This assessment commonly involves the therapist undertaking a full assessment of each joint (ranging from the neck and shoulders to the knees and ankles) and then compiling an individual 'prehab' (prevention) programme for the client to do alongside their existing sports or exercises. This can generally increase performance with an aim to reduce injury occurrences. 

In the event that an injury does occur, we use our expertise to offer you a personal treatment plan, tailored to your individual needs. (link to booking page)