Sports Injury Therapy

Our hand-picked team of top graduate sports injury therapists provide thorough assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

We offer a full range of sports injury therapies and treatments at each of our clinics.


Sports Massage Therapies

We provide several massage treatments specifically to suit your needs which are often used in conjunction with other interventions to aid relaxation, mobilise soft tissue, relieve pain and reduce stress on the body.

​Sports Injury Pain Relief

At Sports Injury Specialists Ltd we understand the frustration and debilitating effects of being in pain. We are committed to providing effective pain relief through therapy and treatment designed specifically for your needs.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

We provide you with bespoke exercise and rehabilitation programmes at your initial consultation and assessment optimising your recovery, managing your injury and preventing re-injury.

Sports Injury Assessment And Treatment

Assessment commonly involves the therapist undertaking a full assessment of each joint (ranging from the neck and shoulders to the knees and ankles.

Work Related Injuries

Regardless of your profession, any individual can develop work-related injuries. Whether a role is sedentary, manual or repetitive, it is difficult to completely avoid injury. However, with our assistance the risks can be significantly reduced.

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Sports Injury Specialists was founded in 2009 by Lead Sports Therapist Christian John Graham.

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